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Programme for the 2017–18 (86th) Season

Sunday 3rd October 2017 at 7.30 pm

“We recall without repining”

Paul Kampen and Howard Rogerson will reminisce about their days in the D‘Oyly Carte orchestra and other G&S, with some live music including from a period horn.

Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 7.30 pm

“Rend with songs the air above”

Kay Jordan (soprano) will entertain us with talk and song, accompanied by Tim Walker.

The Sheila Taylor meeting.

Admission: members £5, visitors £7

Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 7.30 pm

“tell us all about it”

David Cookson will delight us with talk and music from his wide experience of G&S as an MD, repetiteur, accompanist and founder of “Musical Solutions”.

Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 7.30 pm

“Life‘s a Pudding full of Plums”

As are the Operettas! Name your favourite piece of music or dialogue, then we will listen, enthuse and inform together, led by John Coates.

The Harold Sumner meeting.

Sunday 4th February 2018 at 2.30 pm

“They sing so nicely”
Three Towns Operatic Society, led by our member David Kay, will entertain us in concert.

Tuesday 6th March 2018 at 7.30 pm

“I can teach you with a quip, if I‘ve a mind”

Martin Yates will fascinate us with his study of the music of Patience and Utopia.

The Norman Beckett meeting.

Admission: members £5, visitors £7

Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 7.30 pm

“everything is interesting”

Details to be finalized.

Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7.30 pm

“In punctual and business-like fashion”

Annual General Meeting plus entertainment.

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